Alex is from Elkhorn, NE. She earned her B.A. in English from Northwest Missouri State University. While there, she also spent three years working in their writing center. She has tutored a variety of subjects, and taught English in Cheongju, South Korea. She is interested in Northern Renaissance Literature such as Erasmus’ “Praise of Folly” and Thomas More’s Utopia. Alex enjoys, “watching old musicals, camping in the summer, going to small town rodeos, and reading (of course).”


Alice is a graduate of Gonzaga University where she studied English Writing. Originally from Port Angeles, Washington, she has come to UNLV to study poetry in the M.F.A. program and teach ENG 101. Prior to working as a writing consultant and instructor, Alice tutored at Spokane Falls Community College. In her free time she enjoys painting and playing music.  


Ashley Jagodzinski is originally from Toledo, Ohio.  She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in English from Bowling Green State University, and is currently pursuing a PhD in English at UNLV. She has taught ENG 101, 102, 231, 231S, 232, 242, and 449A. Her interests in the field of English are in Nineteenth-century British and American literature, Gothic literature, and postmodernism. Ashley loves reading world literature essays, film analyses, pop culture essays, and persuasive texts. Additionally, she loves music and high-end headphones, and says she has an unhealthy fascination with murder mysteries and unsolved disappearances.


Carrieann is a UNLV alumna who majored in English and film. Currently, she is an M.F.A. studying creative writing and teaching ENG 102. She is interested in the American short story as well as surrealism. Her other interests include film, writing, going to museums, and Russian formalism.


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Elee Oak earned her M.F.A. in creative writing from UNLV in the spring of 2017. She writes poetry, short stories and angry essays. She earned her BFA from The School of Visual Arts in NYC, with an emphasis on video, performance and installation work. She has been a writing center consultant and English instructor at UNLV for the past four years. At UNLV she has taught ENG 101 and Creative Writing. Prior to attending and working at UNLV, she taught creativity based classes for over 35 years. Her areas of expertise and interest are the arts, homelessness/institutional living, African-American literature, feminist literature, queer theory, and critical race theory. Elee loves gardening, jasmine tea, cooking, her two cats, her son, all her students, and dancing with Veronica.


Francis is an UNLV alumna, earning his B.A. in English with a Creative Writing emphasis. He is currently pursuing his M.A. in English Literature. He enjoys fiction short story and novels, poetry, and film. He writes both academic essays and fiction. His literary interests have gravitated towards feminist and queer theory as well as Early Modern and 19th century British literature. His fiction and film interests tend towards fantasy and science fiction, especially themes of magic, artificial intelligence, and chaos theory. 


Jesse is originally from St. George, UT. He earned his B.S. in English at Dixie State University and  is a graduate of UNLV’s Master of Arts program with a focus in American literature. He has been a Writing Center consultant for almost three years, and enjoys working on all types of papers. Jesse is in the throes of preparing applications for PhD programs where he would like to continue his work on the publication practices of authors, and how these practices influence the formation of their books. In his free time, Jesse enjoys reading comics and graphic novels, and discussing them on his newly formed podcast, “comics obscura,” with his friend and fellow UNLV graduate student Tim Buchanan.

Kayla M.

Kayla M. recently earned her M.F.A. in creative writing from UNLV. She has been a writing center consultant and English instructor for the past three years, and has taught ENG 101, 102, 205, and 407A . She is originally from Jonesboro, GA. As an undergrad, she attended Agnes Scott College where she majored in English Literature-creative writing and minored in Women's Studies. Her areas of interest are African-American literature, feminist literature, queer theory, the Gothic, the abject, literary theory, and critical race theory. Kayla loves coffee, glitter, karaoke, and her English bulldog, FILA. Most days you can find Kayla wearing some form of leopard print. Recently, Kayla was a presenter at Agnes College's 45th Annual Writers' Festival.


Like many of UNLV’s students, Kevin immigrated to the US. Having grown up in the Philippines, he never thought that he would attain a degree in English Literature from a university in the desert, but his passion for the literary arts (a passion kindled after receiving Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone as a gift in the second grade) motivated him to pursue a master’s degree in literature. Kevin also never thought that he would teach ENG 101 and 102, but he realized he enjoys discussing texts and helping students learn the rigors of effective writing. During his spare time, Kevin likes to draw, dance and watch films--but only if he manages to peel himself away from his iPhone.


Born and raised in Las Vegas, Layla is currently majoring in English. She plans to attend graduate school to pursue an M.F.A. in creative writing. Layla enjoys literature anywhere from the classics to contemporary literary works. Her favorite authors are Haruki Murakami and Khaled Hosseini. As a writing consultant, Layla enjoys working with all types of papers and diligent students. She is very comfortable working with multilingual writers and even desires to teach English abroad.Fun facts: Layla is of Mexican/Afghani descent. She has two bunnies named Mochi and Kuma (who love bananas). Layla is also an extreme strawberry shortcake enthusiast. 



A Ph.D. candidate who is currently revising his dissertation on spatial theory in reference to Beat authors and culture, Mike is a life-long writer who has been published in alternative weeklies as well as academic journals.  Mike enjoys working with student writers because he believes that the written word can be a powerful tool that everyone should be able to use effectively.  Moreover, no two writers are alike. Thus, no two consultations are alike which means that there is always the possibility of learning something new. 


Zach comes from Fort Smith AR. As an undergraduate, he studied English and anthropology at the University of Arkansas. He is currently teaching ENG 101 and earning his M.F.A. in creative writing. His interests include modern speculative fiction and/or magical realism, like Amelia Gray, Karen Russell, and Octavia Butler. He has tutored students of all ages in reading comprehension and writing in both Austin, TX and Henderson, NV. He’s looking forward to working on papers “within the realm of cultural anthropology, sociology, gender studies or queer theory, as well as any papers about modern literature.” Zach also enjoys hiking, cooking Thai food, and forcing others to listen to his karaoke.