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Workshop Descriptions

In addition to our consultation services, the Writing Center also offers a variety of workshops throughout the semester.

Let our writing center staff help you strengthen your writing skills in our our 45 minute workshops. Each workshop includes presentations and activities to help you understand concepts like grammar, formatting, and style.

Curious about what a specific workshop is all about? Click on a workshop title below to be taken to its description. The workshops are being revised and additional descriptions will become available as the revisions are complete.

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We recommend that you register for workshops in advance, but it's not required. You can register here.

AP Style

Learn the Associated Press guidelines for drafting news stories.

APA Style

This workshop covers information such as formatting, in-text citations, and reference pages in the American Psychological Association style, which is primarily used in the liberal arts and soft sciences.  

Avoiding Plagiarism

Writers will learn the basic definitions associated with documentation: plagiarism, annotation, citation, direct quote, summary, and paraphrase. They will practice identifying inadvertent plagiarism in their own writing.

Chicago Manual of Style

Writers will learn and practice the basics of Chicago Manual of Style documentation, including both the notes/bibliography and author/date methods.

ENG 102 Write-In

Join librarians, composition instructors, and writing center consultants for an open writing lab designed to assist ENG 102 students with their writing projects.

Essays: The Basics

This workshop will cover the organizational structure and what contents to include in an introduction, body, and conclusion.

Grammar for Multi-Lingual Writers I

This workshop will cover prepositions of time, place, and direction.

Grammar for Multi-Lingual Writers II

Writers will practice using articles, clauses and a variety of verb tenses.

Grammar Refresher I

Learn to avoid common sentence errors like sentence fragments, run-ons, and comma splices.

Grammar Refresher II

Do you dread hearing that your sentences are awkward? Attend this workshop to learn how to keep your sentences clear and consistent.

Introductions, Hooks, & Thesis Statements

Writers will learn a variety of hook styles and practice using prompts to compose working thesis statements and effective introductions to thesis-driven essays.

MLA Style

This workshop covers information such as formatting, in-text citations, and reference pages in the Modern Language Style style, which is primarily used in the English discipline.


Is one instructor asking for MLA and another for APA? Come to this workshop to learn the similarities and differences between these two formatting styles.

Quoting, Paraphrasing, & Summarizing


Writers will learn and practice using the APA style for producing lab reports in the STEM disciplines

Strategies for Revising, Editing, & Proofreading

Writers will learn the difference between revising and proofreading, practice a variety of strategies for both, and leave with revisions made to their own text. Writers should bring a paragraph or short passage from their own writing to work with.

Strategies for Tracking Sources and Organizing as You Write

Writers will learn and practice strategies for tracking and organizing source material as they write.

Top Ten Grammar Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A brief survey of some of the most common mistakes made in writing and tips on how to avoid them.

Topic Sentences, Paragraphs & Conclusions

Writers will learn and practice creating effective paragraph breaks, identifying paragraphs' purposes, and composing effective conclusions.

Understanding Writing Assignments

Unclear about what your instructor expects? Having trouble understanding the rubric? This workshop will help you break down writing assignment instructions to help you write essays fulfill requirements.

UNLV Writes!

An open lab for grad students and faculty who just want to write. Writing consultants from the Writing Center will be available for individual consultations.

Verb Tense Review I & II

Designed for multi-lingual writers, these sessions will cover verb tenses, including active and passive voice.

Writing about Literature

Writers will learn and practice strategies for close reading, identifying literary elements of texts, composing questions about literature, and composing a working thesis.

Writing Effective Arguments

Writers will learn and practice identifying evidence and composing fallacy-free arguments. They will practice identifying fallacious reasoning as well.

Writing a Research Paper

Writers will learn and practice developing research questions, turning research questions into working thesis statements, and using evidence-based argument.

Writing to Analyze

Learn how to recognize rhetorical strategies and and write an analysis paper.

Writing with Style I

This workshop will go over how to write more concisely and use active voice.

Writing with Style II

Make your writing more by using a variety of sentences and keeping your construction parallel.

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