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This series is brought to you by the Writing Center, the College of Liberal Arts, and the Department of English. For more information about these workshops, please contact us at 895-3908 or stop by CDC-301.


  • ESSAYS: THE BASICS. Come to this workshop to brush up on the basic parts of an essay: introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • ESSAYS: INTRODUCTIONS/THESIS STATEMENTS. Is writing an introduction difficult for you?  Do you agonize over thesis statements, or would you just like to write more effective openings?  If so, come to this session.
  • ESSAYS: WRITING PARAGRAPHS AND CONCLUSIONS. Do you have trouble with transitions or with good endings for your papers?  Come to this workshop to learn how to write cohesive paragraphs and bring your essays to successful closure.
  • GRAMMAR REFRESHER I & II. Feel a little rusty with the rules?  Suffering from shaky sentences?  Then check out this two-part workshop and brush up on the principles of grammar that everyone should know.
  • WRITING WITH STYLE I & II. Not again.  Not the dreaded “AWK”!  If you have ever found comments such as “awkward,” “unclear,” or “transition” in the margins of your paper, or if you just want to improve the style and sophistication of your prose, then this two-part workshop is for you.
  • MASTERING THE APA STYLE.  Come to this workshop to learn how to write papers in the style used by many departments, including Psychology and Education.
  • MASTERING THE MLA STYLE. Come to this workshop to learn how to write papers in the Modern Language Association style used in all English classes.
  • ENGLISH FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS I & II. Are you studying the English language and trying to write better sentences? These workshops will help you with articles, number agreement, verb tenses, prepositions, and punctuation.
  • WRITING TIMED ESSAYS: IN-CLASS ESSAY EXAMS. Do you have in-class writings?  Do you dread them?  Do you do well enough on exams but wish that you could do better?  Come to this session and learn what it takes to make the process easier.
  • WRITING EFFECTIVE ARGUMENTS. Do you have to write a paper on a controversial topic and/or anticipate your audience’s objections to your points? Get some tips on writing persuasively!
  • WRITING A RESEARCH PAPER. Find out about all the different steps that will help you write a solid research paper in any discipline.
  • HOW TO AVOID PLAGIARISM. Learn how to use sources and cite them in your own work.
  • TOP TEN GRAMMAR MISTAKES & HOW TO AVOID THEM. A brief survey of some of the most common mistakes made in writing, and tips on how to avoid them.
  • PUNCTUATION. Do you feel uncomfortable with commas or wonder what to do with semi-colons? This session will discuss all types of punctuation and help improve your sentences.