But What I Really Want is Your Poems by Angelo Ligori

posted Nov 22, 2016, 8:38 PM by Writing Center
Dear future visitor, 

“Is an unpolished draft a failed draft…"


       –Consultarius, The Writing Center Guru

I am writing to you because I am deeply concerned about your future visit to UNLV’s Writing Center (WC). Yes, we all know you’re thinking about coming. I can assure one thing: if you want to get the best out of your consultation, then we ask you to be prepared like us. If you don’t know anything about APA abbreviations, we can help with that as well!

The act of thinking about the WC means you have already planted the seed in your head. The idea and fear of your paper is already taking root. And if you don’t come, your paper will be full of weeds. WE ARE HERE to pull them out. If it’s wildly overgrown                                                                         with vagueness, comma splices, run-on sentences, poems, wordiness, too many thesis statements, paraphrases, faulty parallelism,                                                                         sentence fragments, citations, and content, we’ll prune it in the right direction!

 It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone is welcome at the WC. We get undergraduate and graduates students, visiting scholars, staff, faculty from every department, and yes, even myself! I too go to the WC for help. However, in order to help you prepare for the WC, I’ve made a small list: The Brings.


What to bring:

YOURSELF! Yes, please bring YOURSELF! Even if you’re blank and confused about how to approach an assignment, a reflection, a research paper, a resume, etc. WE ARE HERE to generate work, to expand it, to extend it, to extend yourself as a writer. As one of my favorite poets said: 

“Form is never more than an extension of content.”

–Robert Creeley


What can you bring:

          Grocery lists



          Writing Projects

          Love letters

          Prior drafts


          In-process drafts



          Research papers


          Job Applications


          Grant proposals

          Short stories

          Statement of Purpose



          Erasure poems

          Group projects


If you bring

in something, please bring in two copies: one for me and one for yourself.


If you bring

in a paper for revision or in-process/prior draft, please bring in your teacher’s comments, the instructions, your annotations, every source, the assignment sheet or rubric. 


If you don’t bring

Your instructor’s email address, then they CAN’T be notified. 


If you just bring

in yourself, bring in two selves! Yes, you and your paper are in-process work(s).


If you bring 

in poems, please bring at least three!


If you bring

in the idea that this is just a consultation, then think again. A consultation is a collaboration, a dialogue, a meeting to / words the Center of                 . So meet us! Meet me! And don’t forget the poems.


Angelo Ligori