Additional Resources

The Writing Center not only provides services in the form of writing consultations, but we also work on providing accessible resources as well. Listed below are a few of the Resources the Writing Center has compiled for use by students, staff, and faculty. If you are an instructor looking specifically for resources to use in your writing-based instruction, visit our Instructor Resources page.

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DRC Accommodations

The UNLV Writing Center is committed to assisting all UNLV students, staff, and faculty. If you are registered with the DRC and feel that you additional assistance, we are happy to work alternate accommodations for you. Typical accommodations include:

  • Back-to-back consultation sessions

  • Extra consultation and OWL sessions per week

  • Ability to schedule with the same consultant for continuity

If you feel that you could benefit from these adjustments, please ask your Disability Specialist to send our office an accommodation letter.

For more information about the UNLV Disability Resource Center, please visit their webpage.


The Writing Center provides handouts on a variety of writing-related topics that writers can use to reference during and outside of consultations. These handouts are available as downloadable PDFs to all with internet access.

Click here to access the Writing Center's available handouts.