Consultants A-J


Andrew is a doctoral student from Tucson and is new to Las Vegas. He earned his BA in Creative Writing and his MA in Literature, both at the University of Arizona, and is currently teaching first-year composition. His research interests include eighteenth-century novels, critical theory, as well as Dada and Surrealism. At present, he is trying and failing to bring his bowling score over 100.


Angelo is from Metro Detroit and graduated from Columbia College Chicago where he received a B.A. in creative writing–poetry with a Teaching Artist minor. Currently, he is pursuing his M.F.A. in poetry and teaching ENG 101. He is interested in modernist poetry, Black Mountain College, letter writing, postmodernist philosophy, pedagogy, and experimental poetics. In his spare time, Angelo enjoys painting, landscaping/gardening, walking, and making collages. He has a cactus named Ziggy.


Anthony is from Las Vegas, Nevada and completed his undergraduate degree here at UNLV. He is now pursuing an MFA in Poetry. He has experience teaching music and is interested in poetry, critical analysis and theory, mythology, and science fiction. Anthony likes to work with all types of papers. He likes to sing, dance, and tell dry jokes.


Ariana is from West Grove, PA and received her B.A. in English from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania and her M.F.A. in Poetry from UNLV. As a consultant, she likes working with all kinds of research papers, but particularly those with psychological or sociological themes. She has experience teaching ENG 101, 102, and 205. Ariana grew up with horses, so equestrian sports are her football. She also enjoys reading poetry & fiction, making lists, and hiking.


Ashly comes to UNLV from Deer Park, New York. She is currently an undergraduate student in the College of Liberal Arts studying English and Gender and Sexuality Studies. She has done tutoring for Math and English, and she joins the Writing Center this fall. Her favorite writers include Jane Austen, E. E. Cummings, and David Levithan. Ashly is also a reproductive justice activist. She enjoys working with writers on research papers as well as literature reviews.


Brianne is from Kansas City, MO. She holds an A.A. in Secondary Education, a B.A. in Liberal Arts and is currently studying towards an M.A in English at UNLV. Brianne also has a Culinary Degree. Her reading interests include the Romantics, as well as linguistics. She likes to work with writers on papers related to Literature, Psychology, and creative projects.


Brynna hails from sunny St. George, Utah. She received her undergraduate degree from Utah Valley University in behavioral science, and is currently working on her Masters degree in marriage and family therapy. Before coming to UNLV, Brynna worked for four years at UVU’s writing Center. When Brynna is not helping writers in the Writing Center, she enjoys reading poetry and curling up with a good book. Additionally, Brynna enjoys running, hanging out with her charming dog, and going on dates with her husband. Like all great consultants, Brynna is ready to tackle any project a writer brings to the Writing Center, but she can’t deny that she is particularly interested in GRE writing and test prep and social science papers.


Carrieann is a UNLV alumna who majored in English and film. Currently, she is an M.F.A. candidate studying creative writing and teaching ENG 102. She is interested in the American short story as well as surrealism. Her other interests include film, writing, going to museums, and Russian formalism.


Chantelle is from Las Vegas and is currently pursuing a Creative Writing MFA in Fiction. She received a degree in Creative Writing and Literature from Santa Fe University of Art and Design. She is interested in writing centers, freelance adult ESL, and online children's ESL experience. She appreciates papers that involve word vomit with lots of great ideas wedged in the crevices. Chantelle loves Hawaiian print shirts and giraffes.


Crystal is a native of Las Vegas and is currently majoring in Comprehensive Medical Imaging here at UNLV. She has been working at the Writing Center for three years where she has taught many workshops. She also has previous experience tutoring freshmen in high school. Crystal enjoys helping students brainstorm and create outlines (the early stages of essays). She also enjoys going over history papers and compare & contrast papers. Her interests within English include magical realism, vignette-style works, film analysis, and coming of age novels, especially those that focus on woman (among many more). Interesting facts: Crystal once got lost in Disneyland when she was 5. She can make perfect pancakes without any recipes, and she is a podcast enthusiast who is currently interested in True Crime (SSDGM!).


Emily is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. She earned her BA in English from UNLV and is currently working on her MA in Literature. Emily is a fan of Medieval Literature, Victorian novels, and most things by J.R.R. Tolkien. She considers herself a “suffering New York Mets fan and an even longer suffering New Orleans Saints fan.” She has worked with animals for the last seven years and has two “annoyingly cute dogs” of her own.


Erin is from Richmond, VA where she completed her B.A. in Theatre at the University of Richmond. She now teaches Composition I (ENG 101) here at UNLV where she is also pursuing her Creative Writing MFA in Fiction. She also responds to Erinnihilator (her roller derby name).

Evan (Xiaoqiu)

Evan is from Shanghai, China. He attended Shanghai International Studies University where he earned his degree in English Literature. He currently teaches ENG 101 at UNLV where he is also pursuing his MFA in Creative Writing for poetry. In the past, he taught high school English to ESL students. He enjoys working with papers of any type and appreciates English as a foreign language vs English as lingua franca as well as poetry. He also really loves dinosaurs.


Gabrielle is an undergraduate studying Journalism & Media Studies. She moved to Las Vegas from Monument, Colorado, and is loving her college experience so far. She has always had a passion for English, especially grammar and mechanics. She began working at the Writing Center in the fall of 2016 and has found from this experience as a Writing Consultant that she works well with others, and collaborates with writers until a solution is found to their concerns. Argumentative essays are her strong suit because she can easily help writers to formulate thesis statements. She is outgoing and energetic, and is looking forward to the next four years at UNLV.


Greg is from nearby Henderson, NV. He spent his undergrad at UNLV, where he earned a degree in anthropology. Now, Greg is pursuing his M.A. in Literature and teaching ENG 101. He is interested in Victorian and early 19th-century American & British fiction. Greg also enjoys Japanese media and video games.


Hugo is from Las Vegas, Nevada and is currently an undergraduate student majoring in English here at UNLV. He enjoys working on personal statements, scholarship applications, and helping students brainstorm and organize ideas for their papers. His interest in English includes reading short stories, reading personal narratives, and reading music album reviews to see how his initial reaction compares to the perspective of the author. Hugo spent a semester studying abroad in Stirling, Scotland where he learned how scary it is to take photographs under the Scottish rain with a non-waterproof DSLR. He can usually be found laughing about a tweet he saw two weeks ago, increasing the pitch of his voice to talk to his dog, and singing loudly in his car once he has made sure that the drivers around him have their windows rolled up.


Jonathan is from Tupelo, Mississippi and is currently seeking an English here at UNLV where he also teaches ENG 101. UNLV is also where he majored and completed his degree in English.


Jordan is from San Antonio, Texas and earned his undergraduate degree in English Literature from The College of William and Mary. He now teaches English 101 as he pursues his MFA in Fiction here at UNLV. Formally, he was an SAT/ACT tutor for two years and also taught English for two years in Japan. Jordan enjoys working with admissions essays, creative writing assignments, and research papers. Jordan is also interested in science fiction, postmodernism, trauma narratives, and graphic novels. Interesting fact: his driver's ed teacher repeatedly told him that she also taught Shaquille O'Neal how to drive.