Consultants A-J


Alex earned their B.A.'s in English and French from UNLV, where they are currently continuing their studies to earn an M.A degree in English. They are originally from Los Angeles but grew up in Las Vegas. Their primary research interests involve the work of Hélène Cixous, Clarice Lispector, and Anne Carson. Other areas of interest include Modernism, Gender and Sexuality Theory, Native American Literature, Postructuralism, and Deconstruction. Alex prefers to work on English papers concerning literary analysis or theory. Alex can usually be found listening to Atreyu, Thrice, or TesseracT. They also love to talk about their cat, Mickey (or the Chonkies).


Alice grew up in Northern Virginia and got her B.A. in English and Philosophy from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in the finger lakes region of New York. Enrolled in the Poetry MFA, Alice is looking forward to continuing to explore elegy and transition. She is becoming an avid birder; despite all her efforts, no hummingbirds have come to her feeders.


Alycia, a Boulder City native, got her Bachelor's degree in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing at UNLV. Now in her second year of the program, she is excited to continue pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at UNLV. Besides consulting, Alycia has teaching experience from being a CCSD substitute teacher for two years. Her areas of interest in writing and English are flash fiction and modern literature. Alycia's favorite hobbies are photography, stargazing, and kayaking. She has four kids and has been known to say that she has a pretty great husband. Alycia is looking forward to working with writers on personal statements and essays.


Ben grew up in Denver, CO and received his Bachelor’s Degree in English from Hampshire College. His love for the ever-changing nature of contemporary poetry has brought him to UNLV, where he is pursuing his MFA in poetry. Aside from his academics, he has also taught English to adults for the Hi-Set (GED) test in Greenfield, MA and has experience doing private tutoring in writing. Ben also advocates that lonely hikes are the best type of hikes.


Benjamin was born in Montana, but raised in Beijing. He is a student in the M.F.A. program, studying Poetry. He graduated from Lee University with a B.A. in Literature and Writing. He loves playing music, whether it's in his room or on stage with the band he plays guitar in.


Brian is from Newburgh, Indiana and is currently pursuing a M.A. in English with an emphasis in literature at UNLV. He received a degree in English Education from Brigham Young University and currently teaches ENG 101 at UNLV. Brian also worked as a high school English teacher for four years and taught his students American/British literature, poetry, Lord of the Rings, mythology, and rhetoric. His interests within English and writing are romanticism, American realism, and American modernism. Some of Brian's favorite hobbies are hiking, paddle-boarding, and CrossFit.


Bronwyn is from Jackson, MS. She received her undergraduate degree from Hendrix College where she studied Sociology and Anthropology. She is a current M.F.A. in Creative Writing at UNLV where she also teaches ENG 101. Bronwyn enjoys working on academic and personal essays. A fan of travel, Bronwyn lived in Argentina for 3 years, and also speaks Spanish and Portugese.


Chandler is originally from Colorado Springs and is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in English at UNLV with plans to apply to a Master's program next year. Her areas of literary interest include Modernism, Expatriate Literature, and trauma narratives, among several other things. Since there is still so much for her to read and learn about, it is impossible for her to pinpoint just one area of interest. She has studied in fields such as business, journalism, and psychology and is comfortable with papers in any subject field in any stage of the writing process. Chandler is also a self-proclaimed "foodie" and enjoys trying new restaurants in her spare time.


Chantelle is from Las Vegas and is currently pursuing a Creative Writing M.F.A. in Fiction. She received a degree in Creative Writing and Literature from Santa Fe University of Art and Design. She has Writing Center, freelance adult ESL, and online children's ESL experience. She appreciates papers that involve word vomit with lots of great ideas wedged in the crevices. Chantelle loves Hawaiian print shirts and giraffes.


Claire is pursuing an M.F.A. in Creative Writing at UNLV where she also teaches ENG 101. She is a nonfiction writer, critic, and translator. Her literary interests include writing in translation, border literature, cross-genre works, LGBTQ lit, and New Narrative. She received her B.A. in Humanities and Media Studies from Scripps College. She lives in Mexico City.


Erin is from Richmond, VA where she completed her B.A. in Theatre at the University of Richmond. She now teaches ENG 101 here at UNLV where she is also pursuing her Creative Writing M.F.A. in Fiction. She also responds to Erinnihilator (her roller derby name).


Gabi is a UNLV graduate student pursuing her M.A. in Journalism and Media Studies. In 2016, she moved from Monument, Colorado to Las Vegas to begin her undergraduate career at UNLV. She earned her bachelor's degree in December of 2019, started her marketing career at a local nonprofit, and is now pursuing her master's degree at our university. She started working for the UNLV Writing Center in 2016, and is now taking on her fifth consecutive semester has a consultant. Gabi enjoys working with personal statements and thesis-driven research papers, and she likes to collaborate with writers to ensure they have the tools and knowledge to improve their writing and grammar skills. In her free-time, Gabi enjoys being outside, drinking Starbucks coffee, trying new restaurants, and shopping.


Harrison is from Boston, MA and studied English during his undergrad at UNLV. Currently, he is pursuing his M.F.A in poetry. His interest within English includes Modernist and post-modernist text, as well as Middle-English, Romantic, and Victorian literature. Aside from writing, he also enjoys painting and playing a couple of instruments.


Hugo was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada and is currently an undergraduate studying English. His interest in English includes personal narratives, biographies, and music reviews. At the Writing Center, Hugo enjoys working on scholarship essays, personal statements, and brainstorming. Outside of the office, he can be found daydreaming about owning expensive camera gear, longing for a good nap, and giving a lot of love to his two dogs.


Jo is originally from Pennsylvania. She studied Poetry, Religious Studies, and Studio Art at Hampshire College before coming to UNLV. She is a current M.F.A. student in Creative Writing pursuing poetry. Jo has previously taught Studio Art, edited artist statements, and led art and writing groups in a mental health facility. At the Writing Center, she is interested in helping people with personal statements, creative work, History, Psychology, and other Social Sciences.


John is starting his M.F.A in Poetry in the fall, and while John was excited to move to Vegas, instead he is staying in his home state of Florida and completing his first semester remotely. John recently finished an MA in English Literature, Media, and Culture at Florida State University where he primarily studied poetry, particularly modernist and absurdist poetry, but he also like to incorporate art history in his research as well, all with a post-1900 focus.