Consultants A-J


Alyse is from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She received degrees in English and Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies from the University of Iowa. She is a current M.F.A. student studying Creative Nonfiction, and teaching ENG 101. Alyse has previously taught high school and middle school creative writing. Her interests include the poetic essay, fragmented forms, and hybrid genre work. She enjoys working on English papers, Gender Studies, Anthropology, and personal statements. Alyse also has a sweet, small cat named Babycat.


Anthony is from Las Vegas, Nevada and completed his undergraduate degree here at UNLV. He is now pursuing an M.F.A. in Poetry. He has experience teaching music and is interested in poetry, critical analysis and theory, mythology, and science fiction. Anthony likes to work with all types of papers. He also likes to sing, dance, and tell dry jokes.


Arianna is a UNLV alumna where she received her B.A. in English. Currently, she is a M.A. continuing her education in English literature. She is set on learning everything there is about the great writers of our time - Lovecraft, Austen, Wilde, and more. As a consultant, she enjoys helping writers with research papers (MLA, APA, and Chicago), personal statements, and medical school application essays.


Bronwyn is from Jackson, MS. She received her undergraduate degree from Hendrix College where she studied Sociology and Anthropology. She is a current M.F.A. in Creative Writing at UNLV where she also teaches ENG 101. Bronwyn enjoys working on academic and personal essays. A fan of travel, Bronwyn lived in Argentina for 3 years, and also speaks Spanish and Portugese.


Brynna Ellison hails from sunny St. George, Utah. She received her undergraduate degree from Utah Valley University in Behavioral Science, and is currently working on her Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Before coming to UNLV, Brynna worked for four years at UVU’s Writing Center. When Brynna is not helping writers in the Writing Center, she enjoys reading poetry and articles in Social Science journals. Additionally, Brynna enjoys running, hanging out with her charming dog, and going on dates with her husband. Like all great consultants, Brynna is ready to tackle any project a writer brings to the Writing Center, but she can’t deny that she is particularly interested in GRE writing, test prep, and social science papers.


Carrieann was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. She has degrees in English and Film Studies from UNLV, where she also received her M.F.A. in Creative Writing. She has previously taught ENG 101 and ENG 102, and currently teaches Oral Communications for international engineering students. Her interests include Surrealism, Gothic narratives, and Literary theory. She enjoys guiding writers through their initial brainstorms or outlines, and loves learning across the disciplines.


Chantelle is from Las Vegas and is currently pursuing a Creative Writing M.F.A. in Fiction. She received a degree in Creative Writing and Literature from Santa Fe University of Art and Design. She has Writing Center, freelance adult ESL, and online children's ESL experience. She appreciates papers that involve word vomit with lots of great ideas wedged in the crevices. Chantelle loves Hawaiian print shirts and giraffes.

Erin P.

Erin is from Richmond, VA where she completed her B.A. in Theatre at the University of Richmond. She now teaches ENG 101 here at UNLV where she is also pursuing her Creative Writing M.F.A. in Fiction. She also responds to Erinnihilator (her roller derby name).

Erin T.

Erin received her B.A. in English from UNLV in her hometown of Las Vegas. Her academic interests include Gender, Race, and Social Inequality, and she has 3+ years of experience in education training and supervising. She enjoys working on all kinds of papers, as she’s interested in learning across disciplines and genres of writing. Erin also has 4 dogs that she can talk about for hours, if allowed.


Gabi is an undergraduate studying Journalism & Media Studies. She moved to Las Vegas from Monument, Colorado, and is loving her college experience so far. She has always had a passion for English, especially grammar and mechanics. She began working at the Writing Center in the Fall of 2016 and has found that she works well with others, and collaborates with writers until a solution is found to suit their concerns. Argumentative essays are her strong suit because she can easily help writers formulate thesis statements. She is outgoing and energetic, and is looking forward to the remainder of her time at UNLV.


Hugo was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada and is currently an undergraduate studying English. His interest in English includes personal narratives, biographies, and music reviews. At the Writing Center, Hugo enjoys working on scholarship essays, personal statements, and brainstorming. Outside of the office, he can be found daydreaming about owning expensive camera gear, singing a bit too loud in his car, and obsessing over his dog named Hudson.


Jo is originally from Pennsylvania. She studied Poetry, Religious Studies, and Studio Art at Hampshire College before coming to UNLV. She is a current M.F.A. student in Creative Writing pursuing poetry. Jo has previously taught Studio Art, edited artist statements, and led art and writing groups in a mental health facility. At the Writing Center, she is interested in helping people with personal statements, creative work, History, Psychology, and other Social Sciences.


Jordon is a current M.F.A. Creative Writing student originally from Star Valley, Wyoming. She majored in English and minored in Sociology at Utah State University. She loves working with any type of paper from any genre, especially papers where she can learn something new. Jordon loves running, and fun fact, has been an avid yo-yoer for 18 years!