Mia is pursuing a bachelor's degree in psychology with a neuroscience minor at UNLV. Although Mia is originally from the Bay Area, she grew up in Henderson, Nevada where she was a preschool teacher's assistant. Mia wants to obtain a PhD in neuropsychology and conduct research on memory and cognitive disorders. In her free time, she loves playing the piano, running, and baking. Mia enjoys working with all types of papers.


Mir is from Comilla, Bangladesh and got an undergraduate degree in Internal Relations from the University of Dhaka. He is pursuing his MFA in Fiction while teaching ENG 101 at UNLV. His interests include postcolonial literature, magical realism, South Asian fiction, and Latin American fiction. Besides English, Mir can also speak Bengali and Hindi.


A Las Vegas native, Sotodeh graduated from UNLV with an M.S in Biological Sciences within the School of Life Sciences. Her love for moss (which she describes as simplistic and understated, yet incredibly resilient and complex) has driven her research, which focuses on the desiccation and light tolerance in arid-land mosses. She has been consulting at our Writing Center for four years alongside teaching the BIOL 191 (Intro to Organismal Biology) lab. In addition to being the Queen of Moss and sewing in her spare time, she also enjoys reading pop culture analysis and poetry. She loves working with writers to help them overcome writer’s block, especially with CVs, resumes, and personal statements.