Consultants K-Z


Kevin is from Las Vegas, Nevada and graduated from UNLV with a bachelor's degree in professional writing. He has worked as a tutor, blogger, freelance writer/editor, and technical writer. While there are many genres of literature, his favorite to read is science fiction. Kevin welcomes all papers to the spotlight, but he especially enjoys working with scientific research papers dealing with psychology or biology. He is pleased and eager to pursue his M.A. in Literary Studies while teaching ENG 101 and tutoring. When he's not focused on academic work, Kevin enjoys hiking, bowling, playing racquetball, video games, or reading a good poem.


Leisa comes to UNLV from Boston. She earned her B.A. from Marymount Manhattan College in Theater and Creative Writing, and recently graduated with her M.F.A. in Creative Writing. Her interests within English include creative writing, poetry, and first year composition. She enjoys working with almost all papers at any stage in the writing process, but especially loves papers with creative or personal elements.


Mark grew up in Oahu, Hawaii and completed his Bachelor’s in English at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa. Currently, he is pursuing his M.F.A in Creative Writing at UNLV. He enjoys exploring diaspora narratives within Filipino communities in the United States. He also enjoys literature about the Filipino experience in the Philippines, especially texts that incorporate folk myths, magic realism, and the remnants of memory. Mark frequently deals with a pesky impulse to write down words for vocabulary purposes.


Marlan is from Visalia, California and received a BA in English from the University of Idaho. He has teaching experience with the University of Idaho's English Department. Now, Marlan is pursuing a MFA at UNLV, where he also teaches First-Year English Composition. Whether he writes it or reads it, Marlan enjoys fiction in the horror and speculative genres. Outside of academia, Marlan likes cycling, video games, and cats. He is looking forward to working with students on creative writing, fiction, and experimental writing.


Mia is pursuing a bachelor's degree in psychology with a neuroscience minor at UNLV. Although Mia is originally from the Bay Area, she grew up in Henderson, Nevada where she was a preschool teacher's assistant. Mia wants to obtain a PhD in neuropsychology and conduct research on memory and cognitive disorders. In her free time, she loves playing the piano, running, and baking. Mia enjoys working with all types of papers.


Michael Hanson, a Minnesota native, has chased warm weather in Hawaii, California, Hong Kong, Australia, and now Las Vegas. When he isn’t racing sailboats, he can be found camping, reading, or carousing with the local riff-raff. He is excited to be working with the UNLV Writing Center while completing his Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing.


Raluca is a native of Brasov, Romania. She completed her MA studies here, at UNLV, where she currently teaches composition classes. Raluca’s area of literary interest include American drama and theatre, with a special interest in Tennessee Williams. She is also a creative writer, experimenting with flash fiction and creative nonfiction. Outside of her academic and professional life, she enjoys yoga, camping, books, coloring with her baby boy, and drinking tea. She takes a special interest in the brainstorming process of any paper, but she also enjoys working with personal writing pieces and literature essays.


A native Las Vegas resident, Ruth graduated with a bachelor's in Fine Arts and is currently seeking an MFA in Poetry here at UNLV while teaching freshman composition. Ruth has several years of experience tutoring primary and middle school students in math and writing. Ruth enjoys working with papers of all kinds.


Sara is from Estell Manor, New Jersey. She graduated with a B.A in Literature from Stockton University and is currently pursuing her MFA at UNLV. In addition to teaching English 101 and 102 courses, Sara has experience teaching poetry workshops as part of service-learning classes. In her spare time, Sara loves exploring the great outdoors, reading poetry and creative nonfiction, and partaking in various activities from surfing to farming. While she loves research papers of any kind, she particularly loves literature research papers.


Sarah is from Chicago, Illinois. She received her English BA with a minor in anthropology from UNLV. Sarah is teaching ENG 101 while pursuing an MA in English. Her interests in writing are science fiction, horror, and fantasy. As a writing consultant, Sarah is excited to work on history papers, research papers, and brainstorming and paper planning.


Shannon is from Irvine, CA. She received her B.A. in English from the University of San Francisco, and her M.F.A. in Creative Writing from UNLV. Shannon is currently studying for her PhD in Literary Studies. She has consistently taught ENG 101, ENG 102, and ENG 101 E/F, and was lucky enough to spend one year teaching English in Nagano, Japan. Her interests include Poetry, Fiction, Magical Realism, Critical Theory, and Comparative Literature. Shannon likes walking at the Wetlands Park and enjoys all types of papers!


A Las Vegas native, Sotodeh graduated from UNLV with an M.S in Biological Sciences within the School of Life Sciences. Her love for moss (which she describes as simplistic and understated, yet incredibly resilient and complex) has driven her research, which focuses on the desiccation and light tolerance in arid-land mosses. She has been consulting at our Writing Center for four years alongside teaching the BIOL 191 (Intro to Organismal Biology) lab. In addition to being the Queen of Moss and sewing in her spare time, she also enjoys reading pop culture analysis and poetry. She loves working with writers to help them overcome writer’s block, especially with CVs, resumes, and personal statements.


Spencer’s hometown is Pecan Hill, Texas. He went to Southwestern University and earned his degree in English. Currently, he is working toward earning his MFA in Creative Writing with a focus on Nonfiction. He currently teaches ENG 101 and has previously worked as a writing consultant at Debby Ellis Writing Center at Southwestern University, and as a tutor at Texas State University Writing Center. He enjoys working with all of the papers--especially the papers that don't exist yet. Spencer is also interested in Creative Nonfiction, Immersion memoir/Journalism, Travel Writing, Dystopian fiction (i.e. Current Events), technical communication, and digital rhetoric. Interesting facts: Spencer is a first-generation college grad, former Pell grant recipient, and current grad student. Also, squirrels. Seriously, he worships squirrels:


Steve was born and raised in Las Vegas. He received his bachelor's degree in English from UNLV, where he is currently pursuing an MA in English Literature. As a hobby, Steve writes screenplays because visual writing has always appealed to him. He believes that everyone has their own voice in the way they write and enjoys assisting students in finding and developing theirs.


Sylvia calls both Albany, OR and Fairview, TX her home. She received her undergraduate degree in interdisciplinary creative writing and political science from Loyola University of Maryland. Now, Sylvia is excited to continue pursuing her MFA in Fiction at UNLV, where she also teaches ENG 101. In addition to her teaching experience, Sylvia also worked as a writing consultant at Loyola University's Writing Center for one year.