A Blog Post by Gabi Broeker

Post date: Apr 7, 2017 10:51:51 PM

A blog. More specifically a blog for the Writing Center. A blog for my job; one that my peers, colleagues, and bosses (gulp!) are going to read. I’m supposed to write down my great ideas, my perspectives, my secret tips and tools; however, I only have one thing on my mind. SPRING BREAK. How can I possibly lecture about things like grammar and sentence structure? And are you even going to be writing over SPRING BREAK? Well, I’m gonna show ya some cool stuff . . . check it out. Grammar doesn’t take a break. In fact, grammar is what makes us sound really smart or really not smart. So don’t disregard it when you are meeting new people on the beach, playing games with your family, or just relaxing. Remember, “me and Billy” didn’t go to California . . . “Billy and I” went to California. And you aren’t “doing good” . . . you are “doing well.” No . . . those are not silly rules. Those are intelligent rules, rules that make you sound that much gooder. Oops. See what I mean?

Don’t overthink it, but remember that when you share your SPRING BREAK memories and stories with your friends, you’ll want them to sound awesome! Here’s a tip, KEEP A JOURNAL. How simple, how easy, how fun. There’s no prompt, no length requirement or formatting. A journal is all you, all the time. Tell us what happened, good or bad (but hopefully good). And you don’t even have to write in a journal! WHAT DO YOU MEAN, GABI? Well, maybe you can tuck some concert tickets in there to remember what a great time that was. Or you can tape those pictures you took at the photo booth on page nine. Even better, slip a few rose petals in the pages to remember the nights you spent with a loved one.

See, grammar and writing doesn’t have to be hard or difficult. It can be fun. Grammar helps us carry ourselves and present ourselves in more formal ways. And writing isn’t always academic… it can help us remember all our greatest adventures. Plus, it makes it a little bit easier to write that essay when you get back to school . . . minimal hand cramps and blank stares to the ceiling. Trust me, we’ve all been there. So kick back, relax, and enjoy SPRING BREAK 2k17. See ya soon folks!