Dear Incoming Writer by Mariah Yusofzei

Post date: Nov 9, 2016 6:42:57 PM

Dear Incoming Writer, Welcome to the Writing Center! We are eager and grateful to have you as a contributing member of our writing community! We hope that your experience here is filled with success, personal and professional growth, and enlightenment. During the time that you spend working on your drafts at the Writing Center, you will learn how to appreciate and become comfortable within your own distinct writing style, how to tailor the language you employ in a paper to fit the needs of the assignment you’ve been asked to complete, and how to better accommodate and improve upon the organizational / structural needs of your drafts. Writing can be a challenging process, as there are multiple translations that must occur between what you read and think about, to what you produce on paper. Whether you are a native or a non-native English speaker and / or writer, all writers seem to experience a similar struggle:

How can we produce a thoughtful piece of writing that mirrors the internal thoughts and feelings we have on a particular topic?

How can we make each and every word we employ in our drafts carry its own weight and really count towards expressing the overall intended message of the paper we are writing?

How can we modify or alter the language we use to articulate our ideas in a more clear and concise manner while still maintaining our own stylistic choices?

As writers, we have a tendency of feeling solitary in our own self-doubt, and uncertainty as we navigate our way through this process. But thankfully, the process of putting pen to paper doesn’t have to be so isolating in nature. Our consultants at the Writing Center are instrumental in reminding us that our struggle to craft our writing in a way that is accessible to others is one that’s universal. As human beings, and furthermore as writers, we possess an intrinsic desire to be understood. We want assurance and validation that what we are saying in our writing has the potential to be understood by our colleagues, our instructors, and the external world outside academia.

One of my favorite aspects of working as a consultant at the Writing Center is that our writers are welcome to bring in any and all works in progress / development for review and collaboration, from essays that are intended to facilitate classroom discussion to resumes, and / or cover letters for professional development, to creative writing projects such as short stories. Regardless of what class you are writing for or the type of assignment you are creating, the goal of the Writing Center is to assist writers in finding their own voice in their writing. In our aim to do so, there is an understanding that just because academic writing relies heavily on the use of formal language, the writer’s individuality and personal voice should never be sacrificed to accomplish the formal tone of the paper.

One of our primary aims is to develop well-rounded and experienced writers who have the capacity of articulating themselves in any rhetorical situation that presents itself. We are enthused to assist you in creating opportunities for you to enhance your personal, professional, and creative development as a writer!

Best wishes,