Don't Be Shy by Alex Zenz

Post date: Apr 6, 2017 12:28:29 AM

Many of the consultants in the Writing Center are students, as well as teachers. All of us remember—or are currently experiencing—what it is like to take classes at a university. We know what it is like to be wholly confused by an assignment, even by an entire subject. We also understand that feeling of panic when an essay is due and not done. The UNLV Writing Center is here to help improve your ability to succeed in a college environment through aiding you in becoming better writers. We are here to walk you through the various stages and aspects of academic writing, and to help clear up that confusion and panic when we can.

There is a place on our intake forms where you can write down what your specific concerns are. If you do not know, that is okay. Really. We are happy to start at the top and look at your thesis statement, essay structure, and content.

If you do have questions, though, do not be afraid to ask them up front. Consultations are more beneficial to you when we know which elements of writing are the most difficult for you. We only have 45 minutes at a time to help you with those concerns, so it is best if—when you have specific questions—you make sure to ask them up front.

It also helps if you bring your assignment guide, notes, professor comments, and anything else you used to help craft whatever stage of your work you have brought in. We have plenty of room at our consultation tables to lay things out and look at them with you. Although we can’t always know exactly what your professor is asking for, the more information we see, the better chance we have at giving you accurate advice on how to progress through the writing process for your specific writing assignment.

If you ask us to proofread your work, we will say no. Any other writing questions you have, though, we will do our very best to answer. So please, do not be shy about asking; that is why we are here.