Welcome Back by Dr. Gina M. Sully

Post date: Jan 24, 2017 1:06:51 AM

Howdy, Folks!I’d like to thank all of you who visited the Writing Center during our record-setting Fall 2016 semester. We served over 5,000 writers last semester, and we saw an almost 350% increase in workshop attendance! Still, we had to turn away over 1,000 writers due to lack of space and staff. So, we’ve come up with some ways to try to see more UNLV writers, and we have some unusual and exciting opportunities for UNLV writers this semester.

First, we are doubling our Online Writing Lab (OWL) intake and are now accepting up to six papers per day. Click on the link above to learn more or to submit a document for consultation.

Second, we will be opening our Undergraduate Engineering Satellite in the HRH College of Engineering for 20 hours per week beginning in the middle of February. If you’re an Engineering undergrad, watch your Rebelmail box for the announcement and information about how to meet with Jesse.

STEM undergrads might also be interested in our workshops for the NEXUS-UROP research scholarship competition. Here’s a link to the application and flier. Watch your Rebelmail inbox for details about the workshops, each of which will be held twice to accommodate student schedules. The first will be held on February 8 & 9; the second, February 22 & 23; and the third on March 1 & 2.

Third, we have expanded our general workshop offerings again, and we will offer 51 workshops open to any active member of the UNLV and OLLI communities. Unfortunately, we are not yet positioned to be able to work with alumni, but that’s on our to-do list for Fall 2018. Click here to see the schedule and workshop descriptions or to register for a workshop.

To our general workshop series we’ve added some workshops specifically for multilingual writers, including “Quoting, Summarizing, and Paraphrasing for Multilingual Writers.” Of course, these workshops would benefit any writer, and everyone is welcome.

Fourth, in addition to expanding our general workshops, we have a full complement of workshops for grad students and faculty, including a four-part Writing for Publication workshop. This series will be streamed to UNR—live. It’s our first cross-state collaboration, and we think it’s pretty exciting!

For the first workshop, “The Ethics of Publication and Ask an Editor,” we have corralled editors from respected journals across the disciplines, including STEM, Social Sciences, Health Sciences, and Liberal Arts. They’ll offer short presentations and answer questions. The second workshop features librarians and bibliometrics experts speaking about “How to Find the Right Journal for Your Work.” In “Revising for Publication,” and “Editing and Proofreading for Publication, the third and fourth workshops, Writing Center consultants will be available to work with writers one-on-one after the presentation. Finally, we’re also offering an open writing lab for those who attend all four workshops on Monday, 6 March 2017. Details and registration under the Workshops tab.

We’re also reprising our collaboration with the Grad College and the University Libraries to bring back UNLV Writes! an open writing lab with mini-workshops for grad students and faculty. Snacks will be provided. And coffee. There will be coffee. This event will be held on Friday, March 17, 2017.

Students in ENG 102 & ENG 114 will have two write-ins to choose from. Short consultations with Writing Center consultants and mini-workshops on different rhetorical points and strategies will be available—but not required. You can just show up for a quiet and relaxed place to write and have a snack. They’re scheduled for April 17 and 18.

Finally, I want to remind you all of our Quick Questions service. If you choose to work in the Writing Center’s Computer Lab (it’s open to everyone), you have access to consultants for answers to any question you have about writing—without an appointment! If a consultant can answer your question in ten or fewer minutes, you’ll get an answer on the spot, no waiting for an appointment or a forty-five minute consultation. We hope to be answering lots of Quick Questions this semester!

Well, I guess that’s about it. If you have any questions, tips, comments, requests, or feedback, please, email us at writingcenter@unlv.edu, or call us at 702.895.3908. I’m looking forward to seeing as many of you as I can this semester. And remember—

You can write!