"Who Should I Make an Appointment With?" by Ashly Riches

Post date: Mar 12, 2018 8:10:23 PM

Making an appointment at the Writing Center can sometimes be stressful. First you have to figure out when we’re open, then cross-reference your class schedule and the due date for your assignment, and lastly you have to see if we have an available spot for that time. When you’re on the phone or standing at the reception desk, it can feel like a lot of pressure to schedule a session. Plus once you’ve ironed out a time, you then have to choose a consultant to meet with. If you’ve had appointments before and have a preference, this part is probably no sweat. However, if you’re new to the Writing Center, this can seem like the most complicated part of all.

First, you should figure out if you’re going to need more than one appointment to tackle your assignment. For long projects like research papers, application essays, and other assignments, you are most likely going to need at least two appointments. Next, you should think about whether you want to make your appointments with the same person. Meeting with the same consultant has tons of benefits: you can build a relationship with that person and make long-term goals with that consultant. However, seeing a new consultant has its benefits as well, including getting a new perspective on your assignment or getting a second opinion on a particularly tricky section.

Recently, I had to write a personal statement for a school application. This seemed extremely daunting, especially because it is a high-stakes writing project. I decided that I would need at least 5 appointments for the whole process and that I wanted to see the same person each time. This was helpful for me, because we could pick up where we left off after each consultation. When I felt like it was polished enough, I made appointments with two additional consultants. This was helpful because it offered me new perspectives on my writing after I had gotten the majority of the work done.

Whether you decide that you want to work on a project with one consultant, or get a new perspective each time, make sure that you are making appointments well in advance! It is never advisable to come to the Writing Center the day a project is due, since walk-in spots are not guaranteed, and you may find out that you need to include new material without the time to complete it.

Once you’ve decided how you want to tackle your assignment, it is time to choose a consultant! To do this, I would recommend visiting our website. Under “Staff” you can find biographies of each of our consultants. Some of us prefer to work on certain types of writing projects, like resumes, research papers, creative writing, or journalism articles. Knowing this information before you make an appointment can help you choose the person best fit for your writing assignment.

If you visit our front desk with this information already prepared, making appointments will be faster and easier!