writing & Virtual Consultations

We are now offering in-person Writing Consultations in addition to Virtual Consultations!

Additional information about both services can be found below.

The UNLV Writing Center offers two types of synchronous writing consultations: In-Person Writing Consultations and Virtual Consultations.

Both types of consultations are 45 minutes long and can be scheduled on MyUNLV following the directions below, by calling 702-895-3908, or by dropping by the Writing Center at the Central Desert Complex, Building 3. Consultants can help you identify and address gaps in ideas, problems in organization, grammatical errors, formatting conventions, and elements of style. They will also ask you to share any concerns you have about your paper so that they can provide you with the proper guidance and strategies to help you improve and feel more confident moving forward with your writing.

These consultations are preferred over OWL Consultations if you have concerns that you would like to talk with the consultant about, if you prefer to receive feedback immediately, if you like getting verbal feedback, if you are not sure how to begin your assignment, or if you only have part of your paper written. If you have not started writing anything, bring your task/assignment instructions and any notes or ideas you have so far.

In-Person Writing Consultations

You need to bring two (2) printed copies of anything you have written for your paper, any task/assignment instructions, and any other notes, sources, or ideas that would aid the conversation about your paper.

Virtual Consultations

You will follow the directions in the confirmation email to provide the consultant with information about your questions/concerns, and to upload your paper, any task/assignment instructions, and any other notes, sources, or ideas that would aid the conversation about your paper. Virtual consultations are held using Google Meet and Google Docs. Your Consultant will email you a Google Meet link for your scheduled appointment at least one (1) hour prior to the consultation starting.

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Click through the directions on the left or click here to download a printable version of the instructions on how to book your appointment.

You can also book an appointment by calling 702-895-3908.

(Note that Campus Connect was recently updated, so some steps might look a bit different from previous semesters.)

The UNLV Writing Center’s virtual and OWL consultations are considered public, academic spaces. Writers are expected to conduct themselves as professionally in these online settings as they would in a classroom. Consultants reserve the right to terminate the consultation if any writer refuses to adhere to such standards.

Email writingcenter@unlv.edu with any questions.

If you do not receive your meeting link at least one hour before your consultation or if your consultant fails to show, please contact the Writing Center by calling 702-895-3908 or writingcenter@unlv.edu